Automatic Power Factor Control Panel


The permanently increasing number of non linear loads in our networks causes network impurities. We can help you study your network and also assist you in design& supply of a suitable system to get rid of these problems.

Harmonics are damaging to electrical networks and can sometimes be dangerous. Connected consumers can suffer in many ways. This also results in overload, reduced lifespan and under some circumstances can even lead to premature failure of electrical and electronic consumers. Harmonics overloads are the main cause of invisible power quality problems with enormous maintenance costs and investments for the replacement of defective equipment’s. Excessive network perturbations and the resulting poor power quality can also lead to problems in production processes and can even result in production stoppages.

Tuned filter circuits may be the solution in these cases. Tuned filter circuits are adapted to the harmonic currents which must be absorbed, usually a 5th, 7th and 11th harmonic, and represent very low impedance paths for these currents with the respective frequencies. These currents are removed and the network is cleaned of damaging harmonic currents.

We can suggest detuned filters assembled in panels so that these harmonics are removed from the system and the benefits will be as follows.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of monthly electricity bills through the elimination of reactive power
  • Reduction of monthly electricity bills through reduced kWh losses.
  • Avoidance of equipment heating and fuse failures.
  • Improvement of the general power quality (reduction of THD-U).
  • Saving of maintenance costs due to lesser heating of devices.
  • Lesser expenditure on cooling systems.
  • Stabilisation of production processes.
  • Stabilisation of supply voltage.

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