Autocane Feeding System


  • Constant feeding to the mills.
  • Due to constant feeding, kick load in preparatory devices is avoided.
  • 1st mill extraction is high as the donhally chute level is maintained.
  • Settings done in Human Machine Interface / SCADA are precise, accurate and digital which eliminates the error
  • Better preparation of cane
  • Constant steam consumption
  • Mill roller not exposed to shock loads.

Total Mill Automation


  • Constant load on all mills.
  • Better extraction in mills increased the bagasse poll.
  • Constant levels in Donhally chutes.
  • Avoiding unwanted roller lift.
  • Constant steam / power consumption.
  • Mill roller not exposed to shock loads.

Imbibation Automation


  • Maintains dry bagasse feeding, hence results in increased efficiency.
  • Improved mill extraction & bagasse poll in terms of recovery.
  • Increase in boiler efficiency.
  • Effective water saving.

Juice Flow Stabilization


    Constant juice flow ensures:

  • Improved boiling house performance.
  • Better juice pH control, results in better efficiency and sugar quality.
  • Maintaining constant tank level.

Auto Cane Feeding System

  • Increases Productivity.
  • Smooth baggase feeding to boiler and steady juice flow to boiling house.
  • Reduces kick load which smoothens stress on equipments.
  • Gives production report.
  • PLC Can be hooked up with DCS.


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduces sudden kick load in the mill
  • Smooth bagasse feeding to boiler and juice input to boiling house
  • Settings done in Human Machine Interface / SCADA are precise, accurate and digital which eliminates the error
  • PLC is expandable to total mill automation.
  • Data from ACFS PLC can be hooked up through RS485 communication to any other PLC/ DCS.
  • ACFS PLC program can be modified to suit any alteration in the mill or preparatory devices without any additional cost.
  • Other parameters like Boiler pressure, etc. can also be monitored.
  • Monitoring current, pressure, etc. can be used to improve the performance and efficiency of the milling tandem.
  • Accurate control of carrier speed (10RPM resolution).
  • With external MODEM SMS messages can be sent to a mobile about mill status and stoppage time/ durations.

Head Office



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