• Straight run lengths
  • Right angle bends and T Joints
  • Solid core Epoxy insulators
  • Solid core Porcelain insulators. (Incase of Outdoor based on customer Request)
  • Aluminum Conductor of Channel construction for the Phase segregated and Voltage balanced cylindrical Busducts
  • Aluminium conductor of Tube Construction (or) Channel construction for the Isolated Phase Busducts
  • Copper Conductor bus bars in case if required for the Non segregated phase Busducts, Segregated Phase Bus ducts and for Low reactance interleaved bus duct
  • Aluminium / Copper Flexibles terminations. (Laminated or braided flexible)
  • Enclosure with Aluminium / M.S (Mild steel)

Optional Features

  • Rubber Bellows ( made out of EPDM for weather and acid resistance )
  • Phase Cross Over chamber
  • Seal off Bushings
  • Silica gel Breather
  • Wall frame assembly with seal off bushings
  • Space heater
  • CT Chamber
  • Disconnecting and shorting links
  • CT marshalling chamber
  • Space Heater Marshalling chamber
  • Hot dip Galvanized support Structure

Conventional Non Segregated Phase Bus Ducts

Ranging from up to 3000Amps for the Low voltage systems voltage of 415 Volt to 1.1kV having the fault level of 50kA/75kA for 1 second, with SMC / DMC Supports


  • Interconnection between the Transformer and Switchgear
  • Interconnection between the Switchgear and Load control centre / Power control Centre
Conventional  Non Segregated Phase Bus Ducts

Low Reactance Interleaved Phase Bus Ducts

Low reactance Interleaved Bus ducts ranging from 3200Amps to 5000Amps for the Low voltage systems, to the system Voltage of 1.1 kV HAVING A FAULT LEVEL OF 50 kA / 75kA & 100kA for 1 second

Advantages over NON Segregated Bus ducts

  • This reduces the losses and the Enclosure temperature
  • Smaller bus bar cross section than the Conventional NSPB
  • Reduces the Bus bar reactance and losses considerably
Low Reactance Interleaved Phase Bus Ducts

Medium High Voltage Segregated Phase Bus Ducts

For the Medium High voltage systems Ranging from 1250Amps to 3200Amps/ 5000Amps and Voltage ranging from 3.3kV to 22kV System Voltage having a fault level of 40kA for 3 seconds.( FOR 5000Amps with STC rating of 65 kA for 3 Seconds )


  • Interconnection between High interruption Capacity Switchgear, with High momentary currents and Impulse voltage and for generators up to 40 / 70 MW.
Medium High Voltage Segregated Phase Bus Ducts

Typical Layout for 11kV Medium High Voltage Segregated Phase Bus Ducts

Typical Layout for 11kV Medium High Voltage Segregated Phase Bus Ducts
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Formoplastic Range of Busducts

Present day Engineering demands products with high degree of reliability especially in the critical field of electrical power transmission and distribution system.

Formoplastic is a well known, reputed manufacturer of VFD, Automation, MCC & PCC solutions. We have now started to manufacture Low Voltage and Medium High Voltage bus ducts to meet the requirement of generating stations and industrial needs. Formoplastic is in the fore front to provide a Single Point Solution for the needs of all electrical power plants, transmission and distribution system.

We offer a wide range of industrial and generator bus ducts custom made to suit the specific requirements of various applications including:

  • Conventional Non Segregated Phase Bus Ducts.
    (Rating 415V, 50hz Ranging From 800 Amps To 3200 Amps)
  • Low Reactance Interleaved Bus Ducts.
    (Rating 415V, 50hz Ranging From 3200 Amps To 5000 Amps)
  • Segregated Phase Bus Duct.
    (Rating 3.3, 6.6, 11 kV, 50hz Ranging From 1250 Amps To 5000 Amps)

Information for Ordering

Please provide us with the following information and our design engineers will suggest the best product for your requirement along with an accurate estimate.

  • Application
  • System Voltage
  • Rated Current
  • Rated Frequency
  • System Fault level.
  • Site Ambient Temperature
  • Power plant Equipment room layout drawing if available
  • Requirement of Phase cross over chamber
  • Material of the Conductor
  • Material of the Enclosure up to 2000Amps Mild steel and Above 2000Amps Aluminium enclosure ( Medium High Voltage products are with aluminium enclosure on customer request)

Head Office



  • Formoplastic Controls (P) Ltd.

  • Plot No G-15A,
    Sidco Industrial Estate,
    Kakkalur, Thiruvallur District.
    Pincode 602003
  • Phone: 27603066